Modern Times Call For Modern Methods

There was a time when you traded stuff you had for stuff you want. You want a new wagon wheel, you give up a few chickens. Then, someone realized how valuable gold was so they printed up some new-fangled gold coins and people started carrying those. Not long after, paper money, checks, coins of different value all became the tools of literal trade.

Fast forward to 2020 and we have so many ways to pay for things that it’s hard to keep up. This is why, in these modern times, it has become paramount for any business to accept multiple forms of payment. The big one is accepting credit cards.

Image of credit cards

It’s surprising to see how many businesses are cash only when over 90% of all transactions happen using a credit card. Nobody carries cash anymore and many don’t even remember the last time they wrote a check.

Your customers don’t want to deal with cash. They don’t want to carry money, they don’t want to go to the bank to get cash and they can pay for everything else with a small piece of plastic. It’s easy and quick and it makes keeping up with your expenses simpler.

Empty Wallet

Like stated above, over 90% of all transactions are completed using plastic. As a merchant, that translates into a whole stack of income that you’re missing out on. And we’re certain that missing out on money can’t be a good thing for you.

The process to start taking credit cards can be complicated but there are companies out there like Xpress Payments who can help you navigate the system. They shop around to get you the best rates possible and have all the equipment, POS, card readers, etc., that you need to even up with the big boys. It’s your best bet to avoid the pitfalls of credit processing that approaching processing companies directly.